As you know the manga One Piece contends with Dragonball (and perhaps Naruto) the award as the most famous manga in the world. Surely, however, it is the comic book series of a single author (Eiichiro Oda) most selling , exceeding the 350 million copies sold since 1997 to date, of which 3.6 million only in Japan between 2016 and 2017.

On July 19, the work, published on Shōnen Jump, has taken twenty years, and we want to celebrate it with five (or more) curiosities that maybe not everyone knows about the shonen manga best known of Eiichiro Oda.

#10. How much Oda earn?

Considering that, on average, come out four tankobon at year and that, on average, they have a total of 10 million copies sold, it is not hard to believe that the dear Oda earns well 25 million dollars a year.

#9. Do the protagonists wash?

Although rarely show it (if not), yes, Luffy and his crew are washed, though the frequency varies between males and females. Namy and Nico Robin, who are good and scented girls, remove dirt from their body once a day, while the rest of the men (a cyborg, a reindeer, and a skeleton are difficult to define them) feel that once a week more than enough.

#8. The Mystery of One Piece

Before Dying D. Roger offered to reveal to Whitebeard how to reach the One Piece, but he refused and preferred rather to reveal what the mystery was behind the D. letter.

#7. Death threats!

In 2007, Oda received hundreds of death threats from his ex assistant’s wife. The 27-year-old, unemployed woman, unable to accept the dismissal of her husband, decided to clutter Oda’s cell phone with mining messages. It was later arrested.

#6. How many people!

In the manga appear and are characterized 562 characters (a figures that obviously will grow).

#5. One Piece should last 5 years

At the beginning of his work, Eiichiro Oda had suggested a much shorter plot. However, the enormous success that had been made prompted the author to carry it forward much longer, so much that we have only reached two thirds of the work today. Nevertheless, Oda has always said he wanted to keep the same ending imagined twenty years ago.

#4. The true name of Sanji

The name that Oda had thought of for the Straw Hat crew was…. Naruto. However, given the beginning of Masashi Kishimoto’s homonymous series, Oda decided in the end to change the name of the character to avoid confusion. Apparently, Oda would be inspired by Mr. Pink, a character starred by Steve Buscemi in Le Iene, the first film by Quentin Tarantino.

#3. The mystery of D.

In the manga there are many characters that bring a D. in the name, like the main character, Monkey D. Luffy. On this letter and on what it means, Oda has based a great mystery of the series without ever revealing it. What is know is that the characters that carry the D. in their name often are protagonists of significant events. This has obviously given rise to various theories, like the one expressed by Doflamingo that the bearers of D.’s will are feared by the world’s nobles because they are “predators of the gods”. The only thing we know, however, is that it is passed from generation to generation, as a hereditary character, but Oda has not revealed anything else. Will the “mystery of the D” ever be explained?

#2. Where Water Seven is born?

Water Seven is a paradise city with the appearance of a large fountain on which the Mugiwara land in search of a carpenter for their ship. Which city, known all over the world – including Japan – for its street and rivers, would inspire Oda to conceive this floating island? Obviously Venice. In 2011, a group of Italian fans organized a gathering in the Venetian city named “One Piece Water Seven Day”.

#1. The bandage on the eye

The pirates of Oda are certainly the most characteristic pirates ever seen in a comic: they have a bizarre hairstyle or simply can not swim (great powers derive, in this case, huge handicaps for a king of seven seas) They are hardly confusing with the traditional pirate iconography. In the middle of rum and an inexhaustible treasure hunt missing a detail in particular: no character carries a bandage on the eye. Oda said that he deliberately avoided this cliché because it was unnecessary, either for the story or for the expectations of the readers. How to make it wrong, when dealing with a pirate emperor halfway between a cowboy and an eccentric flamenco dancer? However, it seems that the author will break his little rule on the end of the manga: who will be the protagonist?

Bonus. The author who married a character

Finally, a small ‘pink’ spangle: the master Oda married Nami. In 2002, the idol Chiaki Inaba had been invited to impersonate Nami, Oda’s crew navigator, at the annual Shonen Jump Fiesta. Eiichiro-sensei fell in love and ending to marry her in 2005. An authentic happy ending of “fiction” (of pirates).

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