In the upcoming Wano Country Arc, many characters are going to appear. As Kaido himself said, it will likely be the biggest war the world has ever seen. Of course, many characters will become stronger during this arc, and today I have made a list of the characters who I think will reveal their abilities.
Let’s begin:

#8. Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is a member of the Strawhat Pirates, and is their first mate. He is the second strongest member of the Strawhats, and his true powers are yet to be seen. No enemy was able fight properly against​ Zoro after the timeskip. But in the Wano Country he might showcase his full powers because of the strong enemies​ he will face there.

#7. Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates, and is allied with the Strawhats. As we know, Law and also Luffy is are planning to take down the Yonkō, Kaido. Both of them will fight against Kaido and in that fight we will definitely see Law’s true powers because he isn’t too impressive yet.

#6. Jinbe

Jinbe was the captain of the Sun Pirates, and may soon become a member of the Strawhat Pirates. He is a master at using merman combat, and Fishmen Karate. In the up coming Wano arc, he will use his full potential as a Strawhat, because of the monsters that reside there. He will, without a doubt show his true powers, because he and his crew are going up against one of the four most powerful pirates in the World.

#5. Eustass Captain Kidd

Kidd is the Captain of the Kidd Pirates, and a member of the Worst Generation. He was utterly defeated and captured by the Yonkō, Kaido. He might be shown in the Wano arc, and may join the battle with them. From the big three of the Supernova, his abilities are yet to be seen. I think we will finally see him in action at Wano.

#4. Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, and he is trying to take down the Yonkō, Kaido of The Hundred Beast. We know Luffy will fight against Kaido himself in the Wano Arc, and it will likely be a battle to the death. Luffy only has G4, but it drains his Haki at a high rate and with that he can’t win against someone like Kaido. Luffy might have another ace up his sleeve because he knows how insanely powerful the Yonkō are, and he might have saved it for Kaido.

#3. Marco

Marco is the former First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates and later, he became its Captain. He was the strongest member of the Whitebeard Pirates after Whitebeard’s death, and for me, he didn’t show his true powers in the battle of the Marineford. As we know, he might become an ally of the Pirate, Mink and Samurai alliance. He might even fight against the Strongest Disaster in the Beast Pirates and will show his true powers there. Moreover, the true abilities of his Devil Fruits are yet to be seen.

#2. The Remaining Disasters

The Three Disasters are the three Right Hand Men of the Yonkō, Kaido. There is only one member of this trio shown in the series so far, and others will be shown in Wano. As we know, Jack is an extremely strong character and he was able to subdue a whole Country on his own. He even fought against the strongest members of the Mink tribe on his own. We don’t know how powerful​ the other two Disasters will be. They might be stronger than Jack himself, or may even be weaker than him. Ultimately, whatever their strength level is, it will definitely be revealed during the Wano arc.

#1. Kaido

Kaido is the Captain of the Beast Pirates and is one of the four Strongest Pirates in the World. His powers and abilities are something that every One Piece fans is looking forward to seeing in Wano country. He will be the main antagonist of the Wano Country arc, and he is insanely strong. Kaido effortlessly destroyed Kidd, one of the member of the Worst Generation. He is also called the Strongest Creature in the World. Moreover​, everyone wants to see how he became Immortal and what his power level is.


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