With the WCI arc getting closer to its end we are all left wondering if and when the new Nakama’s are going to get revealed.
Many Theories/speculations got me thinking about what it really is the SH crew needs in a new crew member.

This post will basically list what the Straw Hat crew does not have but could possibly acquire in the future. It seems really simple when I put it like that but I felt it was useful overview in deciding who could be potential a new nakama.

I will be describing the needs of the crew in three different categories:
1. Jobs on the crew – so the jobs that are filled and that are still open;
2. Variation on the crew – the types of crew members and the not represented types;
3. Powers on the crew – the powers on the crew and powers we may acquire.

1. Jobs on the Crew

Let start with the jobs, the crew currently has:
Luffy – Captain
Zoro – First Mate (I don’t consider ‘swordsman’ a job, also there are parallels with Rayleigh, Roger’s First mate)
Nami – Navigator
Usopp – Gunner (Sniper is his weapon category, not his job which is broader)
Sanji – Cook
Chopper – Doctor
Robin – Archeologist
Franky – Shipswright
Brook – Musician

Occasionally it happens that other members of the crew fill up empty positions. This was quite obvious recently in anime episode 779 when Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, Carrot and Pedro try to run the ship. They are obviously missing a cook and a shipwright to repair the damage done by the cooking. Nami is doing the steering (helmsman), Pedro and Carrot are seen as lookouts and as riggers (hoisting sails). Then Pedro is seen as an intelligence/information crew member when he introduces the newspaper. Finally Luffy and Chopper are acting as fisherman as well.

When the crew is struggling with a task it becomes clear a more fit person is needed to take over.

I expect the most to be filled are Watchman (guard), Helmsman, Lookout and Designer (or artist). I see most potential in them to add to the crew.
This is not to say that these four will definitely be added to the crew. It would be nice to have 1 or 2 of these jobs become more important in the future.

Furthermore there is a distinction that can be made in the various jobs:

The jobs of the Straw Hats recruited in East Blue are absolutely necessary to set sail:
First Mate – first of the mates, no crew without mates. Also second in command
Navigator – The crew has no idea where they are going without one.
Gunner – What to do if the crew is attacked at sea?
Cook – The crew needs to eat

The jobs of the Straw Hats recruited in the first part of the Grand Line are necessary but only at certain points in time:
Doctor – Only needed in case of sickness or injury
Archeologist – Only needed when near a historical site or poneglyph
Shipwright – Only needed if ship is damaged
Musician – Only needed when in the mood

I expect the jobs of the Straw Hats recruited in the New World to not be necessary at all, simply good to have on board. I used the jobs mentioned in the table to give you an idea:
Helmsman – anyone can steer, better to have someone who can read the waves
Lookout – anyone can lookout, better to have someone who can stay awake and/or see farther away
Creator – anyone can build stuff, better to have someone who has an ability that creates things
Guard – anyone can guard the ship, better to have someone who actually thinks of guarding Sunny

2. Variation on the Crew

I am a strong believer in the symbolism that the Straw Hat crew’s final composition will reflect their tolerance towards other species. Also in terms of character design all the characters need to be different from each other. All of this means that within the Straw Hat Crew as well as in the Straw Hat fleet every possible race or hybrid will be represented.
Let’s see what they already have:

An animal: Chopper, originally a reindeer
A longarm: Ideo, 4th division commander Straw Hat Fleet
A longleg: Blue Gilly, Straw Hat fleet, 4th division Straw Hat Fleet
Tontatta: Leo, 5th division commander Straw Hat Fleet
A Giant: Hajrudin, 6th division commander Straw Hat Fleet

No let’s discuss what we do not yet have:

A fishman or merfolk: A person from under the sea. Most likely candidate: Jinbe
Minks: Furry creatures from Zou. Candidates: Carrot, Pedro etc.
Skypiean: Humans with wings. Candidate: Urouge (for fleet)
Snakeneck tribe: humans with long necks. Candidate: unknown
Three-Eye tribe: mysterious tribe, unsure what this means. Candidate: Pudding
Kuja tribe: a separate women-only tribe. Candidates: Hancock (fleet)
Longlimb human: rumoured hybrid between longleg and longarm tribes. Candidate: unknown

3. Powers on the Crew

There are several powers that could be considered ‘Ok’ to join the crew, based on a whole number of reasons. This part will not be as extensive as the first part, just a list:

powers table.jpg
It sounds so easy: Just list what we have and what we do not yet have. However it turned out rather large. Many items in this post have already been mentioned such as the varied jobs and such. I just chose to make one complete list based on any info I could find. Apologies if you feel you should have been tagged. This post is just stating the facts and speculating on them based on my insights. Hopefully people find this useful. Please comment if you have any additions, I aim to make the list as complete as possible. I can’t have thought of everything so help is appreciated.

Theory by RikuD

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