Before I get into this, I’d like to mention this is the first time I’m posting a theory. I’ve been reading One Piece since I was about 11 years old (22 now) and really think it’s an epic of our time. Oda is a legendary mangaka and writer. Like all of you, my favorite thing about One Piece is Oda’s use of foreshadowing. Being able to comb through past chapters looking for hints about the future makes it one of the more entertaining reads out there. It’s as if he’s sent you on a treasure hunt and left you clues along the way. Very appropriate!

Anyways I hope you enjoy this speculation/theory. I plan to tackle one of the greatest mysteries in the story, so naturally, there have been other people making theories and posting conjecture about it before. However, I think I may be on to something that can help provide more clarity than others have gotten on this topic.

Monkey D. Dragon

As the title suggests, this post is going to dissect what we know about Monkey D. Dragon’s abilities as we’ve seen so far. Some of this is going to be a rehash of things you might already know or have noticed, but for the sake of being comprehensive, please bear with me as I set the foundation for my assumptions.

Part I. Dragon in Lougetown

Our introduction to Dragon comes in chapter 100 of the manga. We get an epic speech about inherited will from this mysterious figure and then the chapter is centered around Luffy’s escape from the marines. Hidden inside of all this are several clues to what Dragon is capable of. In fact, we actually get several in the previous chapter so that’s where I’ll start.

This is the first mention of the incoming storm. Our favorite weather woman Nami can sense a pressure change and clouds traveling in from the East. This will be important later.
As the story shifts back to Luffy on the executioners stand we get our first sight of the storm in the background. Again notice how the clouds are coming from behind Luffy and Buggy.
Then just as Luffy is about to be executed a large bolt of lightning strikes Buggy (shown below). This is extremely important, because of the precision of the lightning strike. Even though he was on top the executioners stand, there are still many buildings taller that would have been hit by a “random bolt of lightning”. Obviously considering the timing, this is no coincidence. That bolt was intended to save Luffy.
The last mention of the storm in this chapter is shown below. Note the mentions of Luffy’s crew and the winds heading to thewest. This matches up with what Nami was discussing earlier how the storm was traveling towards them from the east, thus heading west.



Next, in Chapter 100 Dragon intervenes to save Luffy from Smoker. It’s obvious, but I want to point out that Dragon was closer to the western harbor than Luffy was during his execution. Going back to the panel where the clouds were behind Luffy, we can now say with confidence that Dragon was actually on the opposite side of the island as where the storm came from. 

One other thing worth noting in chapter 100 is when Dragon appears to summon a large gust of wind to allow Luffy to escape. If you look closely, you can see Dragon is sort of shrouding himself from the gust as well.



Based on the observations made in chapters 99 and 100 during the Lougetown Arc, I’ve come away with a major conclusion about the ability we’ve seen Dragon exhibit here.

  • Dragon isn’t in the center of this storm. It came from the opposite side of the island as him. Also when the gust of wind comes he has to shroud himself from it. Therefore he can’t be a storm fruit ability user or an air/wind ability user. If he were literally a human storm, it would have manifested itself from his side of the island. If he were an air/wind human he wouldn’t be guarding himself against the gust.

With that established we can move on to a mysterious scene that draws a ton of similarities to the phenomena of what occured in Lougetown.

Part II. Edd War

I want to preface this section quickly by saying I know I’m not the first one to bring this up, so please don’t yell at me! However, it’s a stepping stone in my theory and for that reason I have to quickly cover it.

Ok, so there is one other scene in the entire manga where we see a specific example of a mysterious storm saving a crew from what appears to be utter doom. That is in chapter 0, a prolouge to the story that is set up for the movie One Piece Strong World. As we all know that chapter was written by Oda and is canon. The major purpose of the chapter is to set up Shiki’s backstory, but like always Oda leaves us several clues within. I’ve fleshed that out below:

First, Shiki reveals to us that Roger “knows the location of the world destroying ancient weapon”.

There’s a couple things I want to take away from this right away:

  • The weapon Roger has found is world destroying. This rules out Pluton and Posiedon in my opinion. Pluton is a ship that was said to have the ability to destroy entire islands. World destroying is on another level. Posiedon can control the seakings. Insanely powerful? Yes. World Destroying? No.
  • The way Shiki talks about Roger “knowing the location” implies that the weapon is somewhere hidden away. This is a pretty logical assumption, Shiki knows the ancient weapons have immense power but that it’s really. He could be assuming it’s something hard to move or that it’s impossible to hide out in the open seas. However, I think Oda deliberately wrote it this way to create that assumption in our head… because 2 pages later Roger was “saved by a sudden freak weather storm”.

What’s interesting though is that, even though he faced “almost certain doom”, Roger wasn’t phased at all. In fact he tells Shiki “I’m going to crush the lot of you”. It’s as if Roger knew that somehow he was going to come out of this ok, against all odds.

Ok so it’s time for the obvious conclusion here. The Ancient Weapon that Roger “knows the location of” was actually on his ship the whole time. That’s because its the Ancient Weapon: Uranus which has the ability to control the weather. Roger knew that he would be able to “crush the lot” of Shiki’s fleet, because he had this power behind him. Naturally, this draws me to a second conclusion. Based on what we saw in Lougetown, it appears that Dragon is weilding the same power. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that his very first panels in the whole manga involve the infamous words of Gol D. Roger. Somehow, Dragon inherited the Ancient Weapon Uranus.

From here on out is where things get really interesting. This community has well documented Oda’s use of ancient myths and religious stories as a foundation for several of his characters, themes, motifs, etc. I started out researching connections between Uranus and weather and boy did I stumble upon some crazy stuff. That is detailed below.

Part III. Indra and the Dragon

This section is going to revolve around mythology and how Oda has potentially paralleled this into One Piece with the Ancient Weapon Uranus.

The first thing to know about Uranus is that he is the God of the Sky/Heavens. Immediatley, this intriguied me since the name symbolizes well the ability to control the weather, thus the skies. One thing I’ve learned from reading theories on this site is that Oda likes to get crafty with us and people have explored this is through the names of the Ancient Weapons. It got me thinking… what if Oda is also hiding anything behind the weapons abilities? The major conclusion I’m trying to support is that the Ancient Weapon Uranus can control the weather and that we’ve already seen Monkey D. Dragon using it. Thus the investigation began.

Low and behold, my investigation bore fruit! In hindi culture the name for the planet Uranus is Indra. According to Wikipedia Indra is known as the “King of the Gods, God of Lightning, Thunder, Rains and River flows, King of Heaven”. So far so good, this gets us closer to the connection between the Ancient Weapon Uranus and controlling the Weather (Uranus –> Indra –> “God of Lightning, Thunder, Rains and River Flows” –> Control Weather/Storms).

It gets better. The most famous story about Indra is the story “Indra and the Dragon“. It goes something like this (abridged version for highlight relevant passages):

Long ago, a mighty dragon named Vritra lived upon the earth. This demon was the enemy of gods and humans alike. One day he swallowed the seven rivers of the earth and imprisoned them within his great mountain. Then he lay down on the mountaintop to guard the waters he had captured. Day and night he lay awake, prepared to defend his conquest against any being who challenged him.

As Indra approached, the dragon prepared for battle. Unlike the gods, Vritra had neither hands nor feet to defend himself, but his mouth terrified gods and humans alike. Inflamed with anger, the demon exhaled a foggy mist, shutting out the rays of the sun and shrouding the earth in blackness. Then he spewed forth blinding lightning, deafening thunder, and a cutting storm of hailstones.

Indra now freed the imprisoned waters. With his weapon he split apart the mountainside, opening the sealed outlet and releasing the seven rivers. The waters rushed straight down the mountainside and swept across the land to the sea, roaring as noisily as a herd of cows.

Indra, the brave god, confronted the great dragon Vritra in battle and won. Indra, the mighty bringer of rain, relieved the drought and restored the fertility of the earth. Indra, the supreme god, rescued those who walk the earth from certain death.

Also here’s a more direct translation passage about Indra:

“I will declare the manly deeds of Indra, the first that he achieved, the Thunder-wielder. He slew the Dragon, then freed the waters, and cleft the channels of the mountain torrents.”

So there’s a lot going on here. We’ve got a Weather God, dueling a demonic dragon that swalloed rivers and imprisoned them in a “Great mountain”. The dragon sits atop a mountain to guard the waters he’s captured until Indra visits him. The two fight both using thunder, storms, etc until Indra wins freeing the “imprisoned waters” by “splitting apart the mountainside”. Are you starting to draw some comparisons?

Lets start with the obvious first: We’ve got multiple mentions of weather control and we have a dragon. There’s a lot of ways you can interpret the meaning behind the dragon. Is it Dragon himself? I’m not so sure. Maybe the Celestial Dragons? Could be. Regardless we’ve got a strong connection between the God Indra and weather control. We’ve already established Uranus = Indra so this, in my opinion, could confirm that the Ancient Weapon Uranus is weather control.

Next, we’ve got a “great mountain” that holds “imprisoned waters”. Indra frees these waters by “splitting apart the mountainside”. The dragon “sits atop this mountain” to guard the winnings of its conquest. This goes well with the widely known theory by Ashura_KingFisher about using the Ancient Weapons to destroy the reverse mountain.

At this point, I was pretty much sure that I had found something huge here, but I had a feeling there would be skeptics. Until I found another huge clue that we don’t know a whole lot about yet. If you’re still not convinced this might do it.

Below are several pictures of Indra that came up on google search when I searched for “Indra and the Dragon”

Time to address the elephant in the room…….



All we know about Zunisha is that he/she’s an ancient elephant who was punished for an unmentioned crime and sentenced to walk the new world for the last 1000 years. I’m not even going to try and speculate the crime or Zunisha’s past, but being over 1000 means Zunisha could easily be connected to the Ancient Kingdom/Weapons. It only makes more sense when you consider the connection between the Elephant and Indra. When you consider this as another example of the connection to Indra in the manga, it’s making more and more sense that the Ancient Weapon Uranus has some sort of relationship to the myth about Indra and the Dragon.

The major conclusion I want you to take away from this section is that there is a connection between the Ancient Weapon Uranus and the story of Indra and the Dragon. We know Oda loves to use mythology and there are so many hidden connections/parallels between the two that it screams Uranus involves weather control. If we make that assumption we can logically also assume that Monkey D. Dragon possess Uranus, as Oda pretty much showed him using it in chapters 99/100.

Part IV. Summary:

  • In Lougetown Dragon exhibited an ability that at first may have looked like a Devil Fruit, but upon futher investigation that seems very unlikely.
  • In the battle of Edd War, we can make the strong assumption that the “mysterious storm” which saved Roger was actually the Ancient Weapon Uranus.
  • The name “Uranus” draws us to the Hindi God Indra and the story of Indra and the Dragon. This myth holds so many parallels to the story of One Piece that it cannot be ignored.
  • Based on these conclusions it’s extremely likely, that Monkey D. Dragon is in possession of the Ancient Weapon Uranus which has the ability to control weather.

Part V. Remaining Mysteries:

  • Who/What is the Ancient Weapon Uranus? There is one potential “Easter Egg”. Notice the egg on Roger’s ship. Some speculate that this is a Dragon Egg, which is fittingly in line with the ideas in this theory. Perhaps there’s a literal dragon that controls the weather and you have to tame/befriend it using the voice of all things? Or maybe if you eat the egg you get the power? Or the egg could be nothing related to Uranus and it’s actually a small wand or sword similar to Indra’s “vajra”. Who knows… my point is it’s all pure speculation with nothing to back it up which is why I’m going to label it a “remaining mystery.


  • How did Dragon acquire the Ancient Weapon Uranus? Well we know Dragon was originally a marine, but that’s about it. I imagine a pretty big flashback arc involving Luffy’s Mom, the Will of D. and Roger meeting up with Dragon at some point. The major theme of inherited will should be at the center considering Dragon’s enterance into the story.

  • Zunisha’s role in the story of Uranus? I’m very confident the 1000 year old Giant Elephant is going to have something to do with the Ancient Weapons and the Ancient Kingdom.
  • What does the scar / tattoo on Dragons face represent? I’m certain it has something to do with either D., the Ancient Kingdom or Uranus itself. Can’t wait to find out!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! I love visiting this message board and reading the well thought out theories people post, so I’m happy to finally contribute. Let me know your thoughts in the reviews!

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