In this theory I shall discuss a bit about our King Gol D. Roger and the Poneglyphs inspiration and also other stuff. Shall we begin

The king and the real life pirate (paralles).

While watching tv I’ve stumbled on this documentary about pirates and treasures and well as expected I’ve watched it. The documentary was a pirate called Olivier Levasseur a.k.a La Buse (The Buzzard) or La Bouche (The Mouth) .

I don’t know if any of you know this man but he is actually the pirate that inspired Oda to create Gol D. Roger and the whole Poneglyphs. 

As soon as I saw that documentary  and then I discovered I’m not the only one that had this idea:

In the Japanese anime and manga series One Piece, the main story line is ignited by the deceased pirate Gol D. Roger, who, much like Levasseur, during his public execution dared the assembled people to find his hidden treasure called “One Piece”, assuring them that he had left everything he owned in one place.

They took my glory. Let’s look at some parallels:

  • La Buse has hidden on of the biggest pirate treasures of all time of an estimated value of 1 billion pounds and no one has still found it.
  • To find the treasure you must decipher his map that has written in a cryptic way much like the Poneglyphs.

  • The map was 17 lines of a cryptogram and was thrown by him during his execution saying “Find my treasure, the one who may understand it!” right before he was executed.

Levasseur was from a family of bourgeois and become a privateer fro the french monarchy, but after the war end it he joined the pirate captain Benjamin Hornigold.
La Bouche might have been the base for the legend of Roger but I believe Hornigold is responsible for the name.
What is interesting is that Hornigold’s second in command was non other that BlackBeard him self. It could be a coincidence that in OP we had Roger as number 1 and Whitebeard (that is inspired by BB) as number 2, but I felt like I should mention it.
Let’s go back to the theory.

All important people have their cryptic language 

Poneglyphs are inspired by 2 different hieroglyphs Egyptian and Mayan. What I’ve notice is that all great cultures wanted their story to be remembered well to be more precise they’re rulers wanted to be remebered.What I’m trying to say is that Roger might have done the same. We saw how he left his mark on the Sky Island by writing his name down. Before knowing about Oden, how he did it was a mystery, but now we know that it might have been Oden that had written it or Roger did it by flowing his lessons.

Well I think roger asked Oden to write down his history on a mini Poneglyph talking about his clan, his life and some D. secrets. This mini glyph might be his real treasure because we all know that knowledge is the most important treasure we have.

I’m saying this because of the similarities with La Buse he encrypted the map to his treasure and Roger did the same with his real treasure.

But why would he do it?
Well because he wanted to let his true successor (or the man who would find his treasure) know the real story of the pirate Gol D. Roger and not the one the WG was going to write down.
We saw that they did changed Roger’s name while he was still alive and called him GOLD ROGER and not GOL D. ROGER, this fact probably made Roger think at writing his story in a language that the Government could not read and could not destroy.

This mini glyph would explain why WhiteBeard said to BB “you are not the man roger is waiting for” how could he wait for some one that is dead, well this is how: by writing down his story and wait for some one to read his autobiography.
This might not be as crazy as it sounds, because as we saw in the Zou arc luffy could here the Poneglyph and was attracted by it. So the same principle or even a stronger one that could let a person that has the VOAT (voice of all things) to hear not just a sound, but the voice of Roger.


Gold D. Roger is inspired by Olivier Levasseur, the paper that Levasserur had written down was inspiration for the Poneglyphs. Roger asked oden to create a mini glyphs so that his story will be remembered as it was and not modified by others.


  • Roger’s disease might have been caused by big mom. Why?
    The hint was in Pedro *PEDROOOOOO T-T hope you are alive* flashback with him and rogerRoger might have lost some portion of his life spam because of bm not much but enough to shorten his life. This is a random thought.
  • Olivier Levasseur inspired the author of the Treasure Island book * Raftel * whose main character or well one of the main was Long John Silver well it might be a coincidence that Rayleigh is Silver and the Treasure Island and Raftel parallel as well. But it could be a possibility because Silver was the mentor of the main, and this time is main, character Jim Hawkins

Let me know what do you think about it!

Theory by MasterD

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