After the 2 years period, we can all agree that Luffy has gotten a lot stronger and almost all the power ups that he had have been more or less explained how they work:

  • Haki power up: cover his body in haki and makes the attacks stronger​;
  • G4 power up: blow up his muscles with a lot of air and combining Haki + rubbery properties. But lets go a bit into details how exactly this process works imo.​

o Basically, Luffy becomes like a balloon but with air under enormous amount of pressure. So more or less, by blowing air in his body he becomes like a compressor which is keeping air under pressure. Covering the body with Haki helps with compressing the air even further and keep the air there. Without the Haki cover his body cant handle the internal pressure and he will burst or simply will not be able to keep the air in.​

o If you notice when Luffy prepare his punches he retracts his arms even further, creating even more internal pressure and his arm expands sideways a bit because of that pressure (exactly like a balloon deforms when squeezed). So when he releases it, he gets huge initial acceleration and bigger acceleration means more force in the punch. (I wont go in the physic laws behind this relation but you can check any video in that matter)​.

o Other example to support that is when Luffy flies in the air, during G4 he is doing similar motion retracting and releasing his feet which creates pressure under him and pushes him up/forward. If you look the motion drawn in the marked red area that suggest exactly that movement I am explaining here​:

So as an end to the introduction summing up, Luffy becomes like a living compressor but the key element in that G4 power up is Air. Let’s keep that in mind and continue the observation on G4.


If we look in the 2 forms of G4 that we have seen, we notice that there 3 similarities:

1. The parts that are blown under pressure are covered in Haki;

2. There is this weird cloud/air around Luffy’s waist going behind his head. Lets call it the “air scarf” for easy reference;

3. Luffy’s hair always seems like its floating in G4 form;

In the introduction, I tried to explain the 1st similarity so let’s look at the 2nd and 3rd points.

I was looking into Japanese history in preparation for Wano ark and accidentally I stumbled upon the religions in Japan and something made a huge impression. In the Shinto religion in Japan some gods are traditionally pictured with similar “scarf” floating. As an example we can check the god of wind – Fuujin:

Fuujin – the god of wind

Reijin – god of Lightning and Fuujin – god of Wind

You can notice on the pictures that they also have these kind of “scarfs” around them relating to the 2nd similarity that I pointed out.

Collecting the information from 2 sources a description for Fuujin can be formed:

Fujin is the Japanese god of wind. He is depicted holding a bag of winds. Fujin usually has a messy appearance and wild hair from all the wind” – relating to the floating hair that I pointed out.

“Fuujin-god of the wind, often depicted as an Oni with a bag slung over his shoulder. He is thought to be one of the oldest gods, present at the creation of the world, where he let loose his winds to clear the mists between heaven and earth, letting the suns light reach the world.”

The first part of the quote the god “depicted as an Oni/(demon)” fits the theories about the demon trio and his face looks kind of mean/scary in G4 form.

Then does the second quote sound like a metaphor of what Luffy is ultimately going to do in the end of the series?

“…he let loose his winds to clear the mists between heaven and earth, letting the suns light reach the world.” – defeating the suppressors (celestial dragons and WG) and letting the light shine on the whole world again.

So to summarize this section, the inspiration for Luffy’s G4 seems like taken from the Shinto religion and Fuujin – the god of wind and a trade mark for that is the “Air Scarf” around Luffy.

Plus, it won’t be the first time that Oda has taken inspiration from religion for his characters.

SBS volume 29:
“D: Hello, Oda-sensei. I have a question about the Skypiean priests. Gedatsu = Deliverance/Salvation, Shura = Fighting, Satori = Enlightenment, and Yama = (some Buddhist Deity? I don’t know this one). You took all their names from religious Japanese terms,didn’t you? Therefore, could you tell me what the name “Ohm” comes from? Please, thank you very much!

O: That’s right. I’m not really good with religion, so they were kind of cheap names. “Om” is a holy word in the Hindu religion that is written like this on the left. I apologize to all religious believers everywhere.”

Plus, if we remember God Usopp crucifixion in Dresrossa similar to Christ crucifixion in Christianity.

So, it seems that Oda is not religious but he takes inspiration from the myths and the stories.

But here it gets even more exciting. All the observations made until now are for his current forms and this is Luffy’s Air elemental form. Then if we can speculate what will happen if Luffy can add an extra element in that form and the attacks!?

Future forms

If you remember in the beginning of the introduction I mentioned that almost all power ups until now have been explained. The ones that are not explained are how in the world is Luffy able to produce Fire and Thunder with his punches.


I am referring to Luffy’s Red Hawk attack

If you notice how the fire is represented around his arms like a spiral similar to the “air scarf” that I talked about but in this case, it is like a “fire scarf”.


I am talking about the Thor elephant gun against Don Chinjao. Some might argue that the electricity created there is from the impact but why would the name of the attack be connected with Thor – the god of Lightning in Nordic Mythology. If it is named like that it must be expected that it creates lightning.

So we have no explanation of how these elements are controlled or created, but it seems it is related to Haki and maybe only the ones able to use Conqueror’s Haki are able to use these elements but I won’t speculate about that.

However, these provides interesting options when I hinted that Luffy might actually combine his current Air elemental form with other elements. Specifically talking about that, we might actually have a nice foreshadowing clue pointing in that direction.

Luffy is with a “FIRE SCARF” in G4, Looking mean like Oni and with floating hair again!!!

Damn that fits perfectly into all the clues that have been provided earlier in the theory.

So can we expect new G4 forms in combinations of Air+Fire elements (Fire scarf) and Air+Lighting elements (Lighting Scarf).

Btw Fuujin – the god of wind has a brother in Shinto religion called Reijin which is also depicted with a scarf 

So guys what do you think? Exciting right! I really hope that I am the first one to notice that and I hope that you had good time reading another of my theories.
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Theory by Capt_NakedPanda

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