As you know Monet was a scout and assistant for Caesar Clown and his underlings in the research in Punk Hazard. She was in truth, a member of and an officer of Donquixote Pirates and was sent as a deep cover agent by Donflamingo.

The idea why Monet is not the real name of “Monet”:

#1. Donquixote Pirates

We don’t know when and why she joins Donquixote Pirates. All we know, there are some member (if not all) of Donquixote pirates that use code name or new name when join Donquixote pirate, e.g:

Violet = Viola

Viola, also known as Violet, is a former assassin and officer of the Donquixote Pirates’ Trebol Army, the younger sister of the late Scarlett, and Rebecca’s maternal aunt.

Code name= it is used by the the Captain of Donquixote pirates and his four elite officers;
Joker = the Captain = Donquixote Doflamingo;
Corazon = occupy the Heart seat = Vergo, Donquixote Rosinante ;
Diamante = occupies the Diamond seat and the leader of the crew’s Diamante Army subdivision. = ?
Trebol = occupies the Club seat and the leader of the crew’s Trebol Army subdivision = ?
Pica = occupies the Spade seat and the leader of the crew’s Pica Army subdivision = ?

Monet has a logia devil fruit, Yuki-yuki which is perfect fit with the Goroawase / Japanese Wordplay.

She is a Harpy/a Half Birdfolk and her appearance in Punk Hazard is perfectly match with the Nakama recruitment in Yonko arc.

One thing that that is not match is in Alphabet (AB-CD-EF) nakama theory:

2.CH = Chopper
5.IJ= Jinbei:whale:

if we put Monet name in MN we will have two characters there because in MN we already have Nami, some people said that its okay to have two characters in MN because MN is in the middle of the alphabet , but it’s not because we will have 14 members if MN has 2 characters.

If we insist that Monet is gonna be the the next straw hat, she must change her name, in this case Oda will show us somehow that Monet real name is not Monet.

So, I do a lot of searching for Monet’s real name alternative, I found an actress, her name is Sasha Monet, but her real name is Sherie Wharton. WX is an empty seat so Wharton is 1% possible:tonguewink::peace:. In a novel entitle : The Monet Murders by Terry Mortthere is a character named Hedda Gabler – GH = Hedda , 1 % possible!!

Famous People Named Monet

Monet Happy Mazur, American actress
Monet Tatianna Monico, American singer/actress
Monet Stunson, American reality TV personality (“Big Brother”)
Asia Monet Ray, American dancer on TV’s “Dance Moms” and “Raising Asia”
Claude MonetFrench Impressionist artist
Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix aka M, character in Marvel‘s X-Men comics

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