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One Piece Joke Characters

D: A question for Oda-sensei. Whenever I’m searching for Pandaman, I wonder about something. Who is this guy who’s always seen nearby? And what’s that thing he’s holding in his hand?O: What? Who is he? TOMATO GANG, OBVIOUSLY. Yep, that’s Tomato Gang. There’s no one else it could possibly be. He’s a debt collector. He’s on the lookout for Pandaman, trying to collect the money Pandaman owes. He carries a “thing that looks like a gun”. Word on the street says it’s actually a konbu seaweed roll.

Pandaman is so far the most notable of Oda’s joke characters, having appeared hidden in nearly every One Piece chapter, episode arc, movie, and such.Pandaman_Baratie

Unforgivable Mask is a hidden One Piece character, much like Pandaman. He is in fact, Pandaman’s rival.Unforgivable_Mask_Infobox

Pandawoman is the female version of Pandaman. She first appeared in the Amazon Lily Arc where Pandaman would not be allowed (as men are forbidden on Amazon Lily).
She has Sailor Moon-style “dumpling” hair. She appears on Volume 52’s cover under the dust jacket beating up Tomato Gang and another person. In order to keep her appearances less obvious, like Pandaman, her features are often vague. She wears a black bikini style top and her body appears more human than Pandaman’s, giving her the resemblance of a young woman.Pandawoman_Ep._409

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