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One Piece manga schedule – how it works

D: How is a volume of comics created? Like, where exactly does the “name” get decided, and everything? Please tell me.O: The “name”. Ah yes. I do the “Great Name Introduction” in these books sometimes. I’ll give a full explanation of the order it goes in. The entire schedule we go through to get this book into your hands.

Step 1: Space Out
Space out dejectedly.

Step 2: Meeting
Talk to the people at Jump about what will be in the next chapter.

Step 3: Planning
Think about what will actually go in the chapter.

Step 4: Name
Write a “name” on a blank piece of paper.

Step 5: Show the Name
Fax the name to the boss. If he doesn’t like it, we fight, or I rename it.

Step 6: Master Copy
Call the assistants over to my house, and we go nuts for 2 or 3 days. We draw the master copy.

Step 7: Jump goes on Sale
Jump goes on sale around the country.

Step 8: Meeting
Now I talk with the high-tech boss Y-san about the cover of the book and how to color it.

Step 9: Make the Extras
Draw the cover pages and make the SBS.

Step 10: Book goes on Sale
It’s already complete a full month before it’s available in stores. The end.

So this is basically how it works. Well, this is my schedule, but all artists have their own pace. Just consider trying to draw before coming up with a name for your master copy is like manga artists’ block.

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