1. Kozuki Clan Crest = Alliance Starbird
These are the symbols of both rebellion groups in the story who are taking on a force that outnumbers them.

2. Mink Village = Ewok Village

Both of these are furry species, and both are going to help fight with the rebellion against the enemies of the Wano Arc. The Ewoks dressed up Leila in a dress, which the Minks dressed up Nami in one.

3. Ruled by Emperor and one only lower to Him

This reference is Emperor Palpatine was in charge with the only person under him who had almost the same control over the people Darth Vader. Who equals the roles Emperor Kaido and the Shogun have on Wano. The Shogun is also suppose to be a super strong swordsman, like Darth who is suppose to be a super strong lightsaber weilder.

4. Millennium Falcon and Crew
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The Polar Tang and Millennium Falcon are both named after animals and both have Trafalgar D. Water Law who is the captian of the ship, similar to Han Solo who is in charge of the Falcon. Bepo is a furry and is always around Law like his right hand similar to Chewbacca is to Han Solo. Both are entering enemy territory Falcon goes to Death Star and places, Law and them go to Wano.

Now on to some connection I have found to connect them together.

5. Silvers Rayleigh = Qui-Gon Jinn

They look a lot alike each other I think this is where Oda took inspiration for Rayleigh. Plus Jinn teaches Obe Wan Kenobi to become a Jedi Knight, and Rayleigh teaches Luffy some about Haki and calls Luffy his student to the Marines before Luffy departs from Saboady after the timeskip.

6. Haki = The Force

The Force was an energy field that connected all living things in the galaxy.
[1] The power of the Force could be used by individuals who were sensitive to it. Kinda similar to Haki which is power around everything and only those who know it is there and can feel it can use it. There are 4 big abilities that come from the force: sense impending attacks, push and lift physical objects, influence the thought’s of others, and regain concisousness after death.
Now why are these important well the ability to sense an enemy or what they are going to do in battle = Observation Haki, push and lift physical objects = Armament Haki, Influence the thoughts of others in certain ways = Conquer’s Haki, and the last one is a secret we don’t know of yet which could be why Roger said he wouldn’t die and maybe Oden is using on Wano = The Voice of all things.

7. Germa 66 = The Clone Army
The Germa 66 clone army that was shown off during Wholecake is making a reference to Star Wars as well to the clone army of the Republic. Evil people in charge of a clone army. Plus let the luck be with you is one for may the force be with you.

Future events that could be tied to this?
Sanji will take on Judge like Luke took on Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise Father vs Son.
At the end of this wedding cause we all know it isn’t going to happen. Good Son vs Evil Father.

Something else I just heard on youtube and sounds very reasonable is that Big Mom will be Jabba the Hut and Brook will end up being Princess Leia. With a chain around him connecting him to be held by Big Mom.

Lightsabers = Swords so Luffy may get a sword from Wano (which he won’t use much, but every pirate needs a sword), plus he was a student of Rayleigh so he kinda references Obe Wan in a way.
They had to send a force in to turn off the deflector shields before they could attack =
Wano team will enter first to do something so that the rest of the force can attack.
After battle Oden one with the force his soul shows up and smiles saying thank you and be watching you before disappearing. = Jedi at the end of 6th movie

I also believe like in the 5th and 6th movie that Oden like Obi Wan Kenobi may use this consciousness to talk with the Strawhats and others, plus maybe give them alittle training who knows.

Tell me what you all think? Do you think they connect or not?

*Theory by Onepiecefan9867

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