Kinemon’s Foxfire Style

Kinemon’s Foxfire style has 2 main points. First, it allows him to cut anything with searing fire. Second, it allows him to slice apart fire itself

So if it really is a sword technique, the question is where did he learn it? Well i think the creator of this sword technique are the Kozuki family. Yup, I think the one who taught the Foxfire Style to Kinemon is Kozuki Oden. However, i don’t think that Foxfire is the original name of this technique, i think Kinemon just decided to call it “Foxfire” because that is what people calls him.

Kozuki, the Fire Clan

So why do i think that the Kozuki family are the creator of this fire sword technique? Remember, the Kozuki clan are the ones who made the poneglyph. But how did they made the poneglyph’s which is said to be indestructible? How did they shape it into a perfect geometrical shape? Just writing in this indestructible stone is already astonishing. Well i think for them to make it, the Kozuki clan must’ve an excellent cutting skills. However an ordinary cutting skills won’t work in this stone, this is where they used their Fire Sword technique or to be more accurate, let’s call it the Fire Cutting Technique. In addition with this technique, i also think that they are using some advanced tools to create the poneglyph (Remember the AK is mentioned to have an advanced technology).

Now i wanna talk about how exactly does this sword technique can generate fire. I actually read 2 popular ideas that will fit with this theory. First is by friction, the same concept as Luffy’s Red Hawk. Second is because of the composition of his sword. But i want to add another idea, I’m thinking that maybe the ability to generate fire is a special ability of the Kozuki family similar to the Mink’s electro and Kinemon actually has a Kozuki blood running in his body. Maybe that is what made the Kozuki family special. Maybe that is why the Kozuki family is very close to the Minks even before the void century. Either way, it will still connect to my theory that the Fire Sword Technique originate from the Kozuki Family.

Clues and Forshadowing

Here are some clues and foreshadowing that may prove that the Kozuki Family is associated with fire.

1. Remember this flashback of Momonosuke, when Kaido attacked Wano.
Look at the panel that says “Light the Fires”. In the anime it says “Ready the flame arrows”, you can also see that the area is already surrounded with fire. This means that they are using fire enhanced attacks to attack the enemy.

2. Look at this colorspread which i think is a foreshadowing about Wano.
You can see Momonosuke and his retainers, the Strawhats wearing a Japanese clothing and in the middle is Luffy that looks like a Japanese god, A fire god. And did you know that in some mythology fire gods are associated with different kinds of crafts like metalworking, sculpture, blacksmithing and… stonemasonry.

3. Kozuki clan’s crest
Up until know, the meaning of the Kozuki clan’s symbol is still a mystery but i think Oda already gave us a hint about what it is.

– First are the orbs. It has been hinted with the shirt that Franky is wearing in the Zou arc.
Which clearly looks like a sun and sun is of course associated with fire. Also remember, Wano is based on Japan and Japan is also called The Land of the Rising Sun.

– Second is the bird. Since the orbs symbolizes the sun, the only bird that associated with sun and fire is the Phoenix which been hinted through Marco.
Another thing, I’ve been thinking the possibility that Marco’s phoenix df actually came from Wano. Have you ever wonder why Nekomamushi has confidence that Marco may help them. I know that they boarded WB’s ship but the thing is, Nekomamushi specifically mentioned Marco and not the the whole WB pirates. This made me think that maybe Marco has a deeper connection to the Kozuki clan. So what if… Kozuki Oden saved Marco in the past? Remember that the Phoenix df has the ability to regenerate and heal wounds. Maybe Oden found Marco in a near death situation and decided to give him the phoenix df.

Sun and Moon Connection 

As i mentioned above, i believe that the Kozuki family is associated with sun. But now i wanna talk about the Minks. There’s a popular theory that Full Moon has effects to the Minks (I don’t know who is the originator of this theory though but big credits to him).
With the Kozuki family having a connection with the sun and the Minks with the moon, this brought me to a Japanese mythology about the Sun and Moon gods.

Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo

Amaterasu is the Japanese god of sun, Tsukuyomi is the god of moon and Susanoo is the god of storms. They were born when Izanagi was purifying himself after entering Yomi. Amaterasu was born when Izanagi washed out his left, Tsukuyomi was born when Izanagi washed out his right eye and Susanoo from the washing of the nose.

So where i am going with this?

Amaterasu represents the Kozuki family, Tsukuyomi represents the Minks and Susanoo represents one of Kaido’s Calamity since storm is a calamity or maybe.. it represents Kaido himself. Another interesting is that in Japanese mythology, it says that Amaterasu and Susanoo had a conflict and Amaterasu decided to hide in a cave. This is possible reference to Momonosuke hiding from Kaido.
Now to end this theory, i want to show you a what think is a foreshadowing about Wano. That is through Big Mom and her 3 main homies.
-Napoleon the sword forshadows the samurai of Wano
-Zeus the thunder forshadows the Minks and their electro
-Prometheus the sun forshadows the Kozuki family and the fire technique.

That’s all with this theory, hope you enjoyed it and again i wanna apologize for my terrible English. ^^

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