Hi Guys, I came up with the Idea to write a speculation about the role of witches in One Piece. Well I found a lot of witches, but what do they have in common? And than I found something. It looks like Witches and Clowns nearly always form a pair with a similar theme. After I found this out, I used it to predict future character designs, but first take a look at the pairs that I found.

Known pairs
Usopp and Nami
The Good pair

Usops long curly hair and his long noose gives let him look like a clown and because Usopp is always lying and always afraid he also acts like a clown.
Nami is the typical red haired from next door. Her powers making her to the weather witch.
Deep in their hearth both a good people who are part of Luffy’s Crew that makes them to “the Good pair”.

Vasco Shot and Catarina Devon
The Evil pair

Vasco Shot looks like a troll and has a fools cap so he is definetly a clown and Cathrina Devon just look like an evil witch and also her name is based on the Devon Witches, so she is a witch.
Both looking like bad persons and also support a villain that makes them to “the Evil pair”.

Buggy and Alvida
The Showstars

Buggy also known as Buggy the Clown is definitely a clown or not? Alvida had some attitudes of witch once she still were fat with her jewelry, her long nails and also her shoes. And than she turned into a beauty that whats made her to real which, the ugly girl that turned into beauty with magic (Devil Fruit).
Alvida looks like a star of a western show and Buggy is the typical circus clown thats what makes them to “the Showstars”.

Hiluluk and Kureha
The old crazy Doctors

Hiluluks crazy hair style and his hat let him look like a clown or not?
Kureha is simple, she looks like a witch, is called a witch because of her crazy medical treatment methods and the is allrdy 141 years old. Yeah she is definetly a witch.
Both are crazy doctors so they are “the old crazy Doctors”.
Some may ask what about Wapol wasn’t he the real Clown of Drum. Well I think he found his witch later, read on :)

Wapol and Miss Universe
The bad King and his evil Queen

As I mentioned before Wapol the Clown of Drum, he definetly looks like a clown. During his coverstory he build up a huge business imperium and became the king of Evil Black Drum. In this time he also found his witch the beautiful Miss Universe. She looks totally aggorant and has an evil smile. I hope the she will show at Reverie that she is a real witch.
Together the reign as King and Queen so I call them “the bad King and his evil Queen”.

Moria and Perona
The Halloween pair

Moria just look an evil clown, I think I have nothing to add and Perona looks like a witch from the Monster High :D
Both share the Halloween theme thats why I call them “the Halloween pair”.

Caesar Clown and Monet
The Satyr and the Harpy

Caesar Clown has the face of a Clown and maybe we should take a look a closer look at his name, so yeah he is a clown.
Monets power reminds many people on the Yuki-Onna. This way we can call her a snow witch.
If we take a closer look at them, we see Caesar Clown looks a satyr and Monet like a harpy so both look like greek mix creatures thats why I just call them “the Satyr and the Harpy”.

Weevil and Bakkin
The Witch and her dump son

Bakkin looks like a real witch. Weevil doesn’t look like a clown, but he looks and acts dump thats why he is for me Bakkins clown, maybe he will be replaced in the future.
Because they are mother and son I call them “the Witch and her dump Son”.

The specail one

Ivankov looks like Clown and like a Witch and can always change her/his gender.
Well witch and clown in one person thats why I call Ivankov “the special one”.

Pound and Big Mom 
The Mother of all witches and her Clown husbands

Pound looks funny, but especially his Collar let him look like a clown.
Big Mom looks like a witch her ability her territory and her taxes reminds me of the witch of Brothers Grims “Hansel and Gretel”.
The theme is fairy taill with his long hair pounds also looks like a prince. Because nearly all known kids of Big Mom shares the Clonw/Witch theme(sometimes gender change Lola and Chiffon looking like Clowns and Perospero and Daifuku like a Witchers) I would assume all of her 43 husbands were clowns. Thtas why I call it “the Mother of all witches and her Clown husbands”.
(Up until now Pound is the only confirmed husband).

Mother Carmel and the lineage of CP0 Clowns!?

Mother Carmel also known as “Mountain Witch” is definitely a witch. But who is her clown? My bet the Cp0 guy with the bowler hat who discussed with Mother Caramel might be her clown. Not only because there are many clowns with bowler hat, I think he could be the grandfather or great-grandfather of Spandam. Take closer look as CP0 member Spandam has a bowler hat, his father was a Cp9 member and he could be the guy with the bowler who discussed with Doflamingo after the Marineford war and we all know young Spandam looks like a clown with his red nose.

Boa Hancock’s future husband!?

A beauty that turns others into stones, yes she is definitely a witch. who is her clown, one for sure it is not Luffy. Lets take a closer look Boa Hancock and her sisters were also called the Gorgon Sisters they resemble the greek Gorgons and as the leader of the Gorgon sister Boa Hancock seems to be the Medusa of One Piece. There are to famous greek creatures still missing the Minotaurus and a Cyclop. And we know Hancock falls for dump persons which do not pay too much attention to the exterior. So I would put my bet her future husband will be her clown and this will end up being a funny Cyclop :D

Loki and the giant witch!?

The Giants of Elbaf are inspired by the nordic mythology. Their king is called Loki and the nordic god Loki reminds many of a clown. Thats why I think Loki will end up being another clown. Like any other clown he will need a witch and this witch will have the name Hel. In the north mythology she is the daughter of Loki and rules over the underworld, her design always resembles a witch.

Corazon and the leading character of a future background story!?

Corazon, Corazon our beloved Joker copy,he brought me to despair. He is already dead and in the whole Law background story I didn’t found any witch that looks like Catwoman, Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn.

But than I had an idea there could be a Batman style witch in the future background story of another Supernova. I think it should be Kid (the supernova that fills the sabaody trio) or X. Drake(involved in Laws background story). Well I would put my bets on X. Drake a red haired nature loving beauty that guided, raised and/or supported our beloved T Rex would be perfect or not?

King and Queen the possible next pair!?

Since it was leaked that the three Calamities are King, Queen and Jack there are many speculations and theories what their power could be. Like many others I think King will be the air calamity, Queen the water calamity and our little mammuth Jack is the ground calamity. I hope Queen will be an evil witch. So she might end up being a water witch as a fan of the Warcraft Storyline I directly though about the Naga Queen Lady Vashj.

So what will be her clown a Murloc, I doubt it? Than I found out the Warcraft Naga are based of the Naga of the Indian mythology and well the main enemy of the Naga is the Garuda.

A giant bird and a snake snake could they be King and Queen, especially with an elephant for the ground would fit perfectly (elephants are holy animals in the Indian mythology).
That let me think Queen will end up being a Naga style Witch and King a Garuda style Clown and than I woud end up calling them “the Garuda and the Naga”.
(I know everyone want to have badass Calamities and clown doesn’t sound badass, but never forget clowns could be a badass)


Nothing about storyline or power ups just possible future character designs I hope you were not bored too much!
If you enjoyed it and notice a Clown-Witch-pair that I missed or have an idea for another prediction(especially a good one for Kid) please join the discussion, I will definetly add them!

Theory by Nessos

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