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Tamago the Egg Man

In his fight with Tamago, Pedro appears to have cut Tamago in half.pedro_vs_tamago__one_piece_ch__850__by_bryanfavr-dasl6ot But I ask you this, has Oda ever killed anyone in this way? No! Oda rarely even kills named characters.[IMG]
I think we have a situation similar to the Monet vs Zoro fight where Zoro cut her in half and could of used haki to kill her but he didn’t. I think Tamago is an egg man who ate the egg egg no mi and can split in half. Actually I don’t think, I KNOW because you can see his yolk coming out in the panel.[IMG]Now I fully expect Tamago to stab Pedro in the back next chapter. I’m not sure who’ll win the fight in the end but trust that it is not over.[IMG]

*Theory by Pirat3hunter

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