Is it a good idea from Neptune to take his daughter Shirahoshi also known as the Ancient Weapon Poseidon with him to the Reverie?

Will they even reach Reverie? Is the Neptune army strong enough to protec Shirahoshi? I doubt it. But who will attack them and take Shirahoshi? Kaidou? Or maybe someone else?

Why Kaidou?
Many came up with the idea Kaidou. Thats no suprise we all know Caribou heard the conversation of Robin and Neptune and knows that Shirahoshi is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon.

And than he got defeated and captured by X.Drake.

Now many people think he may gave the information about Shirahoshi being the Ancient Weapon Poseidon to X. Drake to get free. But I think there is another option.

Another option?
Why is there another option? Cariobou planned to give the information to “that person” to get his attention.

And I doubt “that person” is Kaidou, because Caribou was fighting Kaidous forces before he was defeated and captured by X. Drake.

Another hint that Kaidou doesn’t know about Shirahoshi is that X.Drake were allrdy back on Kaidous Island probably Wano(Ch. 793) before Shirahoshi starts to go to Reverie(Ch. 823) and I think he would have proven the information, if Caribou had told him about it.

But he could be the one Caribou planned to inform?

The man who like dramatic perfomances
Caribou is an evil guy and he planned to kill the Straw Hats so that everyone end up knowing his name.

Could it be that Caribou only planned to kill the Straw Hats to get the attention of “that person”, but now found another way to get his attention. I think “that person” is Marchall D Teach als known as Blackbeard! The evil person who declared the new era after Whitebeards dead as his own era.

And I think at the end of Reverie Laffitte will come to Reverie and tell the World Blackbeard is now in possession of an Ancient Weapon in a similiar way he nominate Teach to replace Teach after Crocodiles defeat.

Why should he do this? Well thats simple Teach wants to be feard!

I think Caribou wants to join the Blackbeard pirates. Therefore he might have given Teach the information that Shirahoshi is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon. Teach will defeat the Neptune army and tries to control Shirahoshi. He will send Laffitte to the Reverie to inform the World that he is in the possession of the Ancient Weapon Poseidon.
What do you think? Will Blackbeard shake the world again?

This was a shorty, but I really hope you still enjoyed reading it. I have to say this was not my idea, it was the idea of @ardym, but he didn’t want to write about and allowed me to do it :)

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