There is nothing wrong in saying that one piece is one of the biggest and mysterious story line manga industries One of the biggest mysterious of one piece. Some of the biggest mysterious that one piece have what is the luffy’s connection with the void century.

how luffy can hear the voice of all things , What Exactly are the Ancient weapons which are considered as gods and why is it that One piece lies specifically on the most dangerous part of the grand line, and the what is the secret behind the existence of Grand line itself.

when u see the very nature of luffy. The very existence of luffy explains the story of one piece.
Luffy is a naturally born justice maker. He doesn’t have fear of anything. He is very clear about what is right and what is wrong Like past doesn’t matter if u want help just ask for it and that’s the reason where ever luffy goes he makes allies and rightly mentioned by mihawk luffy is destined to make allies And this gives a clear picture about what could have
happened during the void century.

now, i personally believe that the world was reconstructed during the void century 800 years which includes creation of grand line and the red line. grand line and the red line never existed before the void century.

so, what could be the purpose of creation of grand line ?

according to me grand line was created so that no one else expect the person who was chosen by the gods, who have inherited the will , could ever find the one piece .

in the earlier chapter before pedro blew himself up . He told carrot that “Luffy and his friends might well be the ones our people and the kouzuki clan have been waiting for for the past several hundred years.

luffy and his crew are the promised ones.

and then there is this question that what is the purpose that promise ?

so As, mentioned by Dr. clover ” there was once the great Civilisation known as ancient kingdom which was defeated by alliance of 20 kingdoms and those kingdoms later became what is known to be today’s world government. I believe these 3 ancient gods were the rulers
of the Ancient Kingdom

and i believe these Ancient gods were the rulers of Ancients kingdom. and they are the real creators of this world and Void century was the war between the kings and the gods.

a War so intense that lasted for 100 years.

and A person who fought for this kingdom and challanged the other kingdoms was who someone who similar to luffy who was against the domination and has the simple ideology that their must out most freedom .

the reason i believe the three ancient weapons/gods were the rulers of Ancient kingdom becuz of fishman island arc.

Shirashosi can talk with the sea kings and can command them. When she unconsciously summoned the sea kings. Sea explained Shirahoshi that they have long waited for her birth and every few hundred years there ” king ” is born in mermaid form.

So, shirhoshi basically is an ancient king in the mermaid form. and the sea kings she summoned are not just some dumb creatures they can do conversations and are very thoughtful creatures.

A person cannot directly enter a grand line because of the calm belt the only way a person can enter the grandline is through twin capes as there are sea kings between grand line and the sea. and the sea kings that exist there are the same that shirahoshi summoned

they are intellectual creatures. so why is it that these sea kings are all gathered together to block a direct path between grandline and the other seas. what i probably believe is they are following orders of posiden since the void century to block a direct path between all seas and grandline .


i also believe that momonuske is the ancient weapon urunas.

just like shirahoshi momonuske also belongs to the royal family and he can hear and command zou .

zou committed a crime thousand years and was sentenced to walk for all eternity till the end of time and to act only on the behest of an order. Now who can possible sentence zou to walk for all eternity . I believe it was ancient weapon urunas who sentenced zou to walk for all eternity.
and just like poseidon urunas is also considered as the long waited king of the creatures of Zou.

now i also believe the only person who can command zou is the one who have sentenced Zou.
so zou asking permission from momonuske clearly indicates that momonuske is the king of Zou and probably more creatures like zou and so, he is the ancient weapon urunas.

now, you must be thinking that pluton is a ship how a ship can be a king or god.
now i probably believe is the creator of pluton and the one who invented blueprinted itself
and invented the ship was the god himself who belong to the royal family. it might also be possible that the power and soul of creator became one with the ship. Going merry is an example that a ship can have soul.

so basically these three gods are were “the gods of all things”

the promised person brought these three gods and there people together which resulted in Ancient kingdom an later fought for them. He would have been the medium or bond between all three gods .

it was mentioned by the sea kings that they actually were guided by the intense feeling of luffy.
Shirahoshi so strongly wished to became luffy’s strength that their strength become one.

the three ancient weapons said to possess the power that can destroy the world itself. if they can destroy the world there is no doubt that they can also alter or reconstruct world itself.
and the key to resuract those power and many other power is One piece

So, sensing there defeated they did the three things.
they created grand line and then they divided the grand line with the Red line
and assuming that momonuske is urunas and they created poneglyphs

and to make sure that only the promise person find one piece
the three gods gave the boon or power to the prevIous will holder luffy to communicate and to listen the voices of their creatures. So the creatures could guide him.

finding One piece will result in a war .As White Beard mentioned ” Roger is waiting for someone and someone will appear carrying the history of all those decades on his back who challenge this world to a fight “. As soon as some one find that treasure the world will be turn upside down.

As rayleigh mentioned that luffy might reach to the different conclusion then they did. Roger did find one piece but he wasn’t able to full fill his promise so he did his part and passed his will to the next generation.

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