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This “One Piece” & “Avengers” Mash-Up Will Save Your Day

Straw Hats, Assemble! Wait, what? If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite One Piece pirates cosplay as the Avengers, then you are in luck. After all, one fan made that dream come true with a sick piece of fan-art online.

Over on Reddit, One Piece fans began buzzing over a submitted piece of fan-art. The work, which can be seen below, mashes up the best bits of the Avengers with the Straw Hat Pirates.

As fans can see, several members of Luffy’s crew have been turned into members of the Avengers. To the right, Chopper is seen looking adorably fierce in his Ant-Man costume. The moniker fits the hero well since Chopper can shift into a rather tall form like Giant-Man, but fans admit they’re bummed out that he wasn’t turned into the Hulk.

After all, you don’t ever want to make Chopper angry.

Tony’s Ant-Man cosplay is joined by Franky and his sleek Iron Man suit. Sanji is also shown with his blonde locks flowing as he dons Thor’s regal costume. Robin looks downright spellbinding in her Scarlet Witch cosplay, and Usopp’s sharp-shooting skills make him the best choice to use Hawkeye’s quiver.

Luffy’s chosen Avengers member seems to be the most controversial, but fans can agree he pulls off his cosplay. The Straw Hat captain is seen donning Captain America’s tight suit, but Luffy didn’t much appreciate the Marvel legend’s helmet. The image shows Luffy doing some mid-air acrobatics with Captain America’s shield in tow, but there are some fans who would prefer to see Luffy suited up as Spider-Man.

Of course, the fan-art is missing a few notable Straw Hat members. Characters like Zoro, Nami, and Brooke are all MIA, so fans are hoping another piece of artwork lets the trio suit up. After all, the idea of Nami slipping into the Black Widow’s suit is as exciting as it is dangerous.


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