There is a lot of characters in the One Piece series. Most of them are powerful due to the Devil Fruit they have with good examples being Whitebeard, Portgas D. Ace, and Blackbeard. However, there are others that are powerful in their own right without the need of the cursed fruits! Now, as a bit of a rule, I won’t be adding Gold Roger or Monkey D. Dragon to this list because there is a lot of speculation that these guys have Devil Fruits or not. We don’t have an extended backstory on these guys so I’m leaving them out until things are cleared up. This also counts for those who, even though they are shown, abilities aren’t fully shown. This includes Big Mom, Edward Weevile, etc.

#1. Shanks

“Red Haired” Shanks takes the number one spot! He is Luffy’s role model and the man that our main protagonist wants to surpass one day. It makes sense in the series that Shanks is powerful because he is that character that the main protagonist wants to fight last on his journey. Shanks’ full fighting potential hasn’t been explored yet but there is a lot of hints that indicates Shanks is an extremely powerful individual. For starters, he was able to scare off a massive Sea King just by staring at it (until we figured out he used Conquerors Haki: the strongest form of Haki). He also clashed evenly with Whitebeard, a fellow Emperor and even fought another, Kaido, and arrived at Marineford without a scratch on him. Additionally, he managed to ward off Ankinu where the savage admiral seemed a bit shocked at his presence and stopped going after Luffy after he came. Most of all, Blackbeard, who had the powers of the destructive Quake-Quake Fruit and the evil Dark-Dark Fruit chose not to fight Shanks saying “he is not strong enough to fight him yet”. That right there makes Shanks a force to be reckoned with and definitely one of the strongest guys in the series without Devil Fruits (even with only one arm).

#2. Silvers Rayleigh

Ah…Silvers Rayleigh. The wisest old man around and the right hand man to the King of the Pirates: Gold Roger himself. Known as the “Dark King,” Rayleigh, at first sight, seems to be your typical old man until he unleashed his Conquerors Haki. That right there shows this guy is powerful and once you hear that he was the vice captain of the Roger Pirates, you can tell this dude is strong. Despite his age, Rayleigh is incredibly powerful and is considered even stronger than the Eleven Supernovas and this turns out to be true. Rayleigh was able to hold his own against Kizaru, one of the vice admirals despite his incredibly fast and powerful Glint-Glint Fruit powers. Rayleigh is also the guy who taught Luffy how to control his Haki better thus turning our main protagonist into even more of a powerhouse than before. Rayleigh is below Shanks because though it is shown that being one armed hasn’t hindered Shanks in one bit, Rayleigh admitted his old age will cause him to get tired easily meaning he can’t keep up in a even fight for too long.

#3. Monkey D. Garp

Another old guy eh? Well, definitely don’t take the grandfather of the main protagonist lightly. There is a reason he is known as “Garp the Fist”. Monkey D. Garp is one of the marine’s vice admirals, but, he is so strong, he had the qualities to become an admiral despite not having any Devil Fruit powers. However, he turned down this saying he doesn’t need a higher position which is respectable. Garp is very proficient of Adamant Haki as he is able to injure the rubberman Luffy with his bare fists. Despite his age, Garp is able to lift up cannon balls and toss them at other ships faster than the cannons could. Another testament to his strength is that, earlier in his life, he was able to corner Roger more times than anyone. This definitely makes him one of the strongest the marines have to offer in the series. Beat shikki with sengoku, beat chinjao, chased roger, refused promotion to admiral in past, fist of love, trained some of the best marines, strong enough to throw a cannon ball bigger then a ship, scares luffy and ace, gave birth to dragon then luffy badass bloodline.

#4.Dracule Mihawk

Aw yeah! The man that has earned the title of “The World’s Greatest Swordsmen”. “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk is an extremely formidable swordsmen and the first of the Seven Warlords of the Sea seen in the series. Mihawk is also the man that Zoro, the Straw Hat Pirates’ main swordsman, wants to surpass and defeat. Mihawk is capable of cutting down ships with ease with one of the most epic looking swords in the series: the Yoru. Even without his trademark sword, Mihawk was able to overpower Zoro easily with a tiny dagger he keeps around his neck. Another testament to his strength is that, in the past, Mihawk was able to match Shanks blow for blow in battles they had. However, after Shanks lost his left arm, Mihawk lost intrest in fighting Shanks but remains somewhat good friends with him. Mihawk is also Zoro’s teacher and taught him to better control his swordmenship. Mihawk is a powerhouse and nearly cut Luffy down during the War of the Best. Mihawk is number four because I feel his full strength hasn’t been seen yet in the series but the ability to overpower the three-sword style user Zoro with a dagger and clash evenly with Shanks in the past earns him this spot.

#5. Roronoa Zoro

“Pirate Hunter” Zoro claims the fifth spot. I decided to put Zoro just a little below Mihawk because though there is a good chance that Zoro will surpass Mihawk, that hasn’t really happened yet and the series isn’t showing any signs of ending so we’re going though “right now” things. Zoro is the second strongest member of the Straw Hats behind Luffy himself. Zoro is incredibility strong when it comes to the three-sword style and is working his way to becoming stronger than Mihawk. Thanks to training with Mihawk during the timeskip, Zoro is capable of using Adamant Haki and is able to clash with other strong opponents such as Pica of the Donquixote Pirates.


Vergo, the marine turned pirate, takes the sixth spot. Vergo, despite looking calm at most times, is one of the most vicious and brutal characters in the entire series. Vergo was able to overpower Law (one of the Supernovas and Warlord at the time) and Smoker (a seasoned vice admiral and eater of the Plume-Plume Logia Devil Fruit) at the same time. However, part of this was due to having Law’s heart and after the Surgeon of Death got it back thanks to Smoker, he as able to easily defeat Vergo. However, this doesn’t stop Vergo for being one of the strongest members of the Donquixote Pirates. I even consider him stronger than Caesar Clown who has the Gas-Gas Fruit powers working for him. If given the order, Vergo will violently beat down someone who threatens the family. Vergo also had a brief fight with Sanji and manged to fracture a bone in his leg. Vergo is also very proficient in Adamant Haki and is the first person in the series that is shown to harden his entire body with it.

#7. Kaido

He is a yanko member why hell is he kept at 12 he should just below shanks. I agree. Guys he should be no. 1

#8. Jinbe

The Night of the Sea Jinbe takes the number 7 spot. Jinbe is a former Warlord and a good friend to Luffy and his brother Ace. Jinbe is very formidable in battle and is able to use Fishman Karate like an expert. One thing that makes Jinbe strong is his huge tolerance to pain. He was struck on the head hard by the Minotarus and even burned through the body by Akainu and didn’t even flinch. Not to mention, he took down Gekko Moriah in one punch where Luffy nearly died fighting the Shadow-Shadow Fruit user (though this was mainly thanks to Jinbe’s ability given him a huge advantage over Moriah). The reason Jinbe is number 7 is because he admitted he is more stronger when fighting in water. Also, he was easily tossed around by Mihawk and Akainu where Luffy put up a better fight against them.

#9. Sanji


#10. Momonga

Vice admiral Momonga claims number 8 on the spot. He’s a pretty underrated character because there is a lot of other guys in the marines that are stronger than him but most of them are devil fruit users. Momonga, himself, is a partially strong individual as he was able to kill a Sea King by slicing it from the inside out. He was also strong and smart enough to resist Boa Hancock’s Love-Love Fruit by stabbing his hand and he was able to get a clean hit on Luffy who was moving at Gear Second speed during the War of the Best.

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