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Zephyr Trivia

  • Zephyr shares his name with Zephyrus (Ζέφυρος), the personification of the west wind in Greek mythology.
  • He is the only known Marine Admiral that hasn’t eaten a Devil Fruit.
  • His favorite alcoholic beverage is Jerez.
  • He is currently the highest-ranked non-canon Marine.
  • He shares some similarities with Gasparde:
    • Both crews’ jolly rogers indicate a relationship with the Marines.
    • Both were high-ranking Marine officers before their departure (though their reasons and chosen paths were different).
  • Zephyr also shares many similarities with the main antagonist of the movie Strong World, Shiki:
    • Both are the antagonists of movies overseen by Eiichiro Oda during the whole process.
    • Both’s histories have been developed by Oda personally.
    • Both also have remarkable prostheses that double as weapons, with Shiki having two swordsreplacing his feet and Zephyr having a huge mechanical arm.
    • Both characters have elements of ships on their own bodies, with Shiki having a steering wheel on his head and Zephyr having two mast riggings across his chest.
    • Both are from Roger’s era.
    • Both had four episodes related to their respective movies with their own sets of characters.
  • Zephyr even shares some similarities with Edward Newgate:
    • Both are from Roger’s era.
    • They were the same age (though Newgate died two years before Zephyr).
    • Their last actions were to sacrifice themselves to save their comrades from the Marines.
    • Both were killed by a former subordinate with whom they once shared a mutual respect.
    • Their signature weapons served as their grave markers.
    • Both were dependent on medical support outside of combat.
  • In the 5th fan poll, Zephyr ranked 71st making him the most popular non-canon character in the series.

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